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About Circo Brakes

CIRCO Brakes is a manufacturer of high performance and competition friction materials and brake fluids. CIRCO P/L is a privately owned Australian company with brake pad products manufactured in Japan to exacting standards with the absolute best quality raw materials in a high technology manufacturing plant with ISO9001 standards. CIRCO Racing Brake Fluid is formulated and manufactured in the UK to specifications suitable for competition use.

Utilising knowledge learnt within the racing brake business for over 20+ years, CIRCO continues to be at the forefront of testing and introducing new formulas working with teams and manufacturers to provide the right products within the required parameters.

CIRCO prides itself in delivering the highest quality and performance.

CIRCO Brake Pads range is designed and suitable for almost every automotive sporting application you can think of. GT3 and GT4 Sprint and Endurance, TCR, NASCAR, V8 Supercars, Gravel Rally, Tarmac Rally, Trans Am, TA2 Muscle Cars, Production Car, Historic Touring Cars, Open Wheel Racing, One-make Racing Series and much more.

Another area CIRCO Brakes specialises is pad compounds designed to work within set requirements for OEM customers. For example, CIRCO produce bespoke brake pads for police pursuit vehicles in Australia. These vehicles would normally be unsuitable for pursuit applications but have been upgraded by simply installing CIRCO brake pads!

CIRCO Brakes – Make the Move