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Why are my new brakes vibrating?

There are number of possible causes for brake vibration or judder. We discuss the three main reasons your race car may experience vibration or ‘judder’ during a braking event.

What is brake fade?

Brake fade is the reduction or loss of the friction of brake pads acting against a brake disc. The brake pedal will normally still remain high, but retardation from braking has gone away.

What causes my brake pedal to ‘go long’?

Aside from mechanical failures, most cases of long brake pedal are caused by boiling brake fluid in the brake caliper. When the fluid is overheated, the resultant gas bubbles can compress, and this causes the long pedal.

Do I need slotted discs?

There is no straight forward answer to this, and it really depends on what you want from you brakes. Slots (or less commonly now days – drilled holes) can increase friction levels, and assist with the removal of hot gasses that cause brake fade.

What is brake squeal and how do I get rid of it?

Brake squeal is very simply a high pitched vibration caused by friction. This energy is transferred from the friction surface between the pad and disc.