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Brake squeal – what is it and how to fix it (part 2)

Car construction and specification plays a role Earlier, I mentioned the court cases for some high-end vehicle manufacturers that were about brake noise in brand new vehicles. How can this be? Most people would agree that an Audi Q7 is a brilliant car, very luxurious and you would expect comforts over and above most other […]

Brake fluid – What should I use?

Brake fluid comes in many specifications, shapes, sizes, types and costs – but understating brake fluid is actually quite straight forward. We just need to focus on a few questions: What are the different specifications available? Incl. Dot ratings and boiling points (wet and dry) Which of these specification suits my needs? How do I […]

Brake squeal – what is it and how to fix it (part 1)

This topic is one of the most talked about issues in the aftermarket performance braking industry. This is because a majority of drivers want all the performance in the world, but the comfort levels of a base road brake pad. Fair enough too! In the industry we call this the ‘Unicorn Pad’ because despite what […]