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Brake pre-bedding service

Brake ‘pre-bedding’ is a way of doing the final preparation of the pad material and/or discs prior to heavy use in competition. The bedding process is effectively a final heat cycle that puts enough energy into the brakes to ensure they reach a point of consistency required when you hit the track or stage! It is also the most effective way to ensure there is no incapability between the pad material and disc surface. This can be particularly important when using pre-used discs with new pads.

New brake pads contain certain materials that are important in the manufacturing process, but not for actual use on the car. These materials ‘burn’ out of the pad during bedding and you do not what these contaminants on your discs. This means that machine pre-bedding is much safer and more cost effective than bedding brake at the track.

Some benefits of machine controlled pre-bedding of brakes:

  • The ability to start running the brakes straight away at the track or in the stage.
  • Takes away the ‘human factor’, so no more drivers overheating new brakes!
  • Less time at expensive race tracks doing preparation.

If you will be pre-bedding your brakes on your car, please click here for information