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Brake Pads

CIRCO Racing Brake Pads are manufactured in Japan to exacting standards and are competing at levels in motorsport that only a handful of brands are capable of. The compound range itself is extensive and selected from exhaustive development to ensure the usability, quality, performance and reliability that is as required. World leading manufacturing techniques and scientific level quality procedures ensure this performance repeatability is provided every time.


Typical applications:
– Circuit race car with booster assistance
– GT and Production cars
– E.g Porsche GT3, R35 GTR

CIRCO M111 is a carbon metallic compound designed for circuit competition in modern vehicles.


Typical applications:
– Tarmac and Gravel Rally
– Under-braked small circuit cars

CIRCO M119 is a specially formulated brake pad for Rally and Circuit racing use. 


Typical applications:
– Circuit and Sprint racing
– Heavy, fast cars
– Club to Semi-pro level racing

CIRCO M127 is a pure circuit racing brake pad for sprint race events.


Typical applications:
– High load 24 hour endurance racing
– GT Endurance rear

CIRCO M192 was developed for rear applications in high- end motorsport such as GT3, GT4 and RWD Touring Car. With very low wear rate coupled with excellent disc life means that M192 can be used for all Endurance applications such as 24hr GT racing with no fear of wearing out and needing to change rear brakes mid race.


Typical applications:
– Circuit racing
– Heavy, fast cars
– Professional level motorsport

CIRCO M207 is the Heavy Duty compound in the CIRCO range with exceptionally consistent torque characteristics at all temperatures making it a must have for professional circuit racing at the very highest levels.


Typical applications:
– High load endurance racing
– GT4 and GT3 racing for 12 hours and over

CIRCO M220 offers excellent low pad and disc wear making it a perfect choice for high load endurance racing. M220 braking style is suited to current cars which require very consistent and predictable torque behaviour whilst offering incredibly low wear rate.


Typical applications:
– Performance street driving
– Entry level track day

CIRCO S83 is a performance street & entry level track day compound also used extensively in rear axle race configurations where friction repeatability is important along with a reduction in bite towards the end of a stop.


Typical applications:
– TCR rear
– Low bite rear

CIRCO S85L has been developed for the rear of TCR race cars where FWD platforms are used and rear grip is low.


Typical applications:
– Performance driving
– Light track day

CIRCO S88 is a low-steel carbon based compound suitable for heavy duty, performance and light enthusiast track day use.


Typical applications:
– Light weight race cars and open wheelers
– 2WD rally

CIRCO S99 is the entry level competition brake pad compound in the Circo range.